Configurable floating action button on your website

January 08, 20233 min read

Add a SuperButton so you can communicate with your website visitors on whatsApp, email, contact forms, or direct them to external links like your documentation pages.

What is a floating action button (FAB)?

A floating action button is a configurable button on a website or mobile app. It is usually found on the bottom right portion of a website or app and when you click on this button you get a list of control options or actions depending on the configuration. You can see an example floating button below 👇

Create a project.

To integrate SuperButton to your website, you need to create a project. You can configure the color, icon, position, and text of the floating action button so that it matches the brand colors on your website.

Add integrations.

From the integrations menu, you can add multiple integrations so your website visitors can call your phone, send you a whatsapp message, send you an email or even visit an external link. You can also add content to the widget for example your top FAQ items can be embedded directly in the widget.

Re-order integrations.

Integrations buttons in the widget are sorted based on when they are created by default. You can alter the sort order in which integrations appear in the widget according to your preference. Some people will like the option to contact them via email first on the widget while you may prefer to add a link to your documentation page as the first item. You can change the order of integrations by clicking SettingsIntegrations

Future Plans

SuperButton is an open source software and I intend to keep it that way for ever. Right now, I'm focussed on adding more and more features and integrations to the project. I'm also building superbutton in public. If you'll love to share any feedback with me, don't hesitate to contact the official SuperButton account on twitter @SuperButtonHQ.

Until the next time✌️

Acho Arnold